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Bryan cranston and anna gunn dating

That’s why they had to train me to go underwater and breathe with a regulator.

When you think about how tense and acrimonious their interactions have become over five seasons, it’s hard to believe these two were a loving couple when debuted.

Offscreen, Cranston and Gunn forged an easy, nurturing creative partnership that allowed them to get to those dark places. Create about working with Cranston, the role music played in getting her into character, and what it was like to walk into that pool when Skyler went off the deep end–or at least pretended to. The first time we met was when I was brought in to test for the studio and network, and they brought three of us–I think I was there with three other ladies who were testing for the same role.

“I realized as I was driving home that I had this huge smile on my face. While there were some tears certainly, there was a huge smile at the end of it.

It really was that special and that wonderful,” she says of working on the show.

“I’ll always remember driving home with that big grin on my face.”Gunn is going to miss a lot about Bryan Cranston was her main scene partner, of course, and while his alter ego Walter White went from being a mild-mannered teacher who put family first to a ruthless drug kingpin motivated by power and money, Skyler, his wife, went through a transformation, too.

Initially unaware that her husband was cooking crystal meth, she was angry when she found out but ultimately became one of his partners in crime–albeit reluctantly.

The story was just so good and so well written, and the characters were so well drawn that I was intrigued right away. That’s all I need to know.’One of your most memorable scenes had Skyler getting up from dinner with Walter, Hank, and Marie and walking into the swimming pool. Going under the water and staying under the water for periods of time gives me claustrophobia. The boys always got to do a lot of stunts on the show.

I then talked to Vince about the character Skyler a little bit before I went in to test for it, and what he had to say about her was so interesting that I was sold immediately. There wasn’t that much on the page about her as a human being, so I did want to know a little bit about where he intended to go with her. So when I got to do something that was stuntlike, I thought, okay good. It was hard to tell from the shot, but I actually had to walk into the pool, and then there was a cut after I walk down into the water.

That’s the story of ‘Breaking Bad.’ But it’s also the story of how Bryan Cranston became TV’s greatest leading man.

As the show enters its final stretch, used to play a game in which they invented increasingly violent, absurd, and physically humiliating stunts for Cranston’s character, Hal, to enact. ” When the game culminated in Hal covered by thousands of live bees, with no protest from Cranston forthcoming, it was deemed unwise to continue. ” Here, too, the writers’ imaginative powers proved inadequate to the task, whether the challenge was roller-dancing or using his body as an enormous nude paintbrush.

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