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Later, Carl says yes to a homeless man’s request and is stranded in Elysian Park.

While checking in for the return flight, Carl and Allison are detained by FBI agents who have profiled him as a potential terrorist because he has taken flying lessons, studied Korean, approved a loan to a fertilizer company, met an Iranian, and bought plane tickets at the last minute.

Pete, his attorney, travels to Nebraska to explain Carl’s odd habits, lessons, and decisions.

After the party, Carl receives a tearful phone call from Stephanie, whose new boyfriend has walked out on her.

When Carl goes to Stephanie’s apartment to comfort her, she kisses him and asks him to spend the night with her.

As she finds out about Carl’s motivational covenant, Allison begins to doubt whether his commitment to her was ever sincere.

Deciding that she can no longer trust him, Allison leaves Carl and refuses to return his phone calls.The film and the book differ in all ways but the name, almost, so if you read it and you’re hoping to see its likeness on the screen, you’ll be really disappointed, maybe…but perhaps that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the film really is really good.Carl emerges as Terrence drives off, and an oncoming vehicle collides with Terrence. After Carl recovers consciousness, Terrence tells Carl that there was no covenant.The starting point was merely to open Carl’s mind to other possibilities, not to permanently take away his ability to say no if he needed to.She gives him a ride back to his car on her scooter and kisses him before leaving.After this positive experience, Carl feels more optimistic about saying yes.Skylar Stecker (born on April 24th 2002) is an American singer from Tampa, Florida, who now lives in California to pursue her singing carrer. She has done 4 videos with Matty BRaps and has also preformed with him in concert in New York, California, Texas, and Atlanta.Her EP "Firecracker" was released on January 27th 2015. Her favorite artists include Bruno Mars, BEYONCE, Christina Agulara, Fallyn Cassell, and Matty BRaps.After Carl emphatically says no, his luck takes a turn for the worse and he decides to end his commitment to the covenant.Carl goes to the convention center and hides in the backseat of Terrence’s convertible so that he can beg to be released from the covenant.

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