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Some wondered how good the Browns were after winning their previous three games against the Titans, Raiders and Buccaneers.

But in throttling the defending divisional champs the Browns announced themselves as serious playoff contenders.

The Browns had lost their previous 17 road games within the division and were facing an opponent 13-0-1 in its previous 14 regular-season home games.

"That we're not the old Cleveland Browns," he said.

"We understand everybody wants to put that label on us, but we work too hard and have too much character and talent on this football team to believe what outside people think of us. 1 in our division, we've got a couple days and we're come back in and get ready for next week." Before the stretch run commences, here's a quick look back and big plays and players from the first nine games: Biggest win Usually, it isn't hard to pick out signature wins for a team that's averaged 4.5 of them the previous six seasons.

Biggest playmaker We usually think of this as an offensive category, but not with the way Gipson is performing.

The third-year pro leads the NFL with six interceptions. It's reached the point where every time a ball gets tipped you expect No. If he maintains his level of play and the Browns qualify for postseason, Gipson's campaign should end with his first Pro Bowl nomination.

The win also weakened a divisional foe which saw quarterback Andy Dalton register an embarrassing 2.0 passer rating.

Worst loss The easy answer is the 24-6 setback to the previously winless Jaguars, but the correct one is the 23-21 home defeat against the Ravens.Losing an All Pro is never easy, but the offense wobbled through the next three games, its once-potent rushing attack managing 39, 69 and 50 yards during that stretch.Perhaps the line found cohesion against Cincinnati in rushing for 170 yards, but it remains a serious concern heading into the stretch run.The offense was struggling and the team was facing the possibility of losing to winless teams on back-to-back weeks.Whitner's play allowed everyone to take a deep breath and relax. Worst moment Sadly, it marks the easiest choice in this column. 12 win over the Steelers reduced teammate Joe Thomas to tears and plunged the offensive line into a state of uncertainty.BEREA, Ohio – Some prognosticators thought the Browns to be a one-win team.Some expected the highpoint of the season would be when Johnny Manziel took over as starting quarterback.The big play led to a Browns TD en route to a 23-13 win.Who knows what happens if the Raiders score on that series?Special teams failed to convert a pair of field goals and didn't field a punt, the offense couldn't get a clinching first down in the final minutes and the defense ultimately allowed the Ravens to drive 37 yards for a last-second field goal.The Browns could be sitting 3-1 within the division, while the Ravens would be 1-4. The Browns simply aren't in playoff position without him.

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