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The name is Dutch for "seal island." Nobel Laureate and former President of South Afric...Located 39 minutes from De Velde Estate, Iziko Slave Lodge reflects the long and rich history of Cape Town which is highlighted by the many names it has had in the last three centuries– Slave Lodge...Fellow NBC reporter Raul Martinez‏ was even prompted to start a poll on 'which is the creepiest Brady' - the waxwork, a mask spotted at a recent Patriots game, or the infamous courtroom sketch of the sports star. New wax museum Brady, fake mask Brady or courtroom sketch Brady? Ne Gf Ca AW— Raul Martinez (@Raul NBCBoston) August 1, 2017Others tried to figure out who the statue did look like, with suggestions including Milan Lucic, Marc Bulger, a cross between Gostkowski and the Geico Caveman, and former SNL Brady impersonator Taran Killam.

But he stated: 'I'm proud of every single wax figure in here. It's perception.'In future, the museum has said the majority of its models will only be made after the subject spends time with artists.That's the only way the figure will be exact.'Recently, we've been getting a lot of attention on our [Tom Brady] figure.Not too bad considering all we had to work with was a picture.'However, since we are in Boston we'd like to make sure the Tom Brady wax figure is perfect! Brady to come by and sit in for a measurement session.The Castle of Good Hope – the oldest building in South Africa – was once a fort, but today functions as a showcase...The Castle of Good Hope has been the centre of life at the Cape since its inception in January 1666.Museum bosses were ridiculed over the depiction of Brady after NBC reporter Marc Fortier complained that it 'is going to give me nightmares'.That statement, along with a picture of the statue, prompted others to chime in with their own criticisms, ranging from 'creepy' to 'horrendous'.This fascinating museum has a full-size whale skeleton, along with other oddities.It's located at the top of Company's Gardens and not many people know that you can park in the museum grounds if ...'I am from Boston, and we at The Dreamland Wax Museum are all huge Brady fans. As you can imagine, getting a perfect figure is our top priority!!!

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