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In the Philippines, breastfeeding is protected by various laws, such as the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009 Mothers are allowed to breastfeed in public.

However this woman’s exhibitionism certainly takes away from the wonderful bonding between other and child.'Dezi Donovan added: 'What is the point in posting this?

Breastfeeding is personal and should be treated as such.

'However from the start this doesn’t appear to be natural but incestuous.

Breastfeeding is a natural, beautiful extension of the mother and child bonding.

Tasha Maile, who describes herself as a 'Vegan breastfeeding mother of two' regularly posts videos of her nursing her young sons.

The clips, which appear on her You Tube channel have been heavily criticised by large numbers of those who've seen them Another shows her stopping a work-out to breastfeed her children.

In many countries, both in the Global South and in a number of Western countries, breastfeeding in public is common and generally not regarded as an issue.

In those countries, laws protect the nursing mother.

The Milk Code prohibits the advertising of infant formula or bottle teats for infants under two years old.

Even though women can not show any part of their body in public, breastfeeding is an exception.

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