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I actually don’t know if your sister is the life of the party and everyone leaves having been thoroughly entertained, or whether she’s an attention hog who take over the evening. Guests like that are generally perceived to be a plus. : My brother and his girlfriend make out passionately in front of everyone, including when people are sitting on the couch next to them. Our immediate family, as well as several extended family members and friends, have expressed our discomfort in being basically forced to watch them making out.So either you invite her and enjoy the sparkle and liveliness she brings, or you leave her off the list and deal with the consequences. We have attempted to be very welcoming of the girlfriend.Last year, she showed up for my party in a flashy designer gown and was the center of attention with her humorous anecdotes.

If she’s uncommunicative, then people should excuse themselves and go refresh their drinks.

If the two of them start humping each other and turn every piece of furniture they’re on into a love seat, you just get up and sit somewhere less exciting.

Whenever we go out to eat, I pay for the meal and tip on my credit card.

When I tip, I always tip at least 20 percent, but I tip in such a way that the total bill comes out to a whole dollar amount.

Last night we went to a dinner party organized by my co-workers, one of whom brought her baby.

Imagine my surprise when, as we’re all seated at the dinner table, “Lauren” whips out her breast and starts feeding baby right alongside us!

I am as secretive as I can be when I have to do my duty. I agree that it does sounds like more than a coincidence that your boyfriend wants to have sex every time you limp out of the bathroom pale and spent.

Now that “Ron” and I are living together, I have to divulge certain information on a need to know basis. These times I have had to explain, “You may not want to go in there for a while.” The weird thing is, 15 minutes or so after telling him such, Ron initiates sex. Sure it sounds weird, but if you look up fetishes, if this is one of his, it will end up sounding pretty mild.

My girlfriend thinks it is rude to tip those odd change amounts, envisioning waiters with pocketfuls of “useless change” at the end of their shift.

My response is that I am a courteous customer, a good tipper and that any extra money is good for the waiter/waitress. A: If you are tipping servers at least 20 percent, I’m sure they don’t mind what calculations are used to arrive at this.

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