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:-) (Cowards usually use the name of their wives to register domains by the way).If you go to will be redirected to, the main scam site of the scammer Andrey Sivtsov.Lastly, Members should only be able to search for other members only if they are members of the Site, and even this should only be possible after someone is added as a Friend.

These should allow me the same functions of the default Groups tab, i.e.

* I would also like the Photos tab to be removed, but I want to preserve its functionality (uploading photos), so that a profile picture will show up in the user profile page.

I would like you to remove anything that pertains to dating applications on the site, such as the Quick Search bar in the home page and the Hot or Not Options from the Members tab sub-section options, as well as the Add to Hot list function when a user looks for other members.

I think that perhaps no big deal to get you where you need to be.

so drop us an email if you still want to get things working.

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