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Take a picnic – make cable car hopping one of the romantic things to do in La Paz.

There are so many food options in La Paz, which goes against the grain of what travellers say about the country’s cuisine.

For a close to free thing to do in La Paz, check out the Red Caps Walking Tour (back by popular demand! The tour meets at 11am and 2pm each day at Plaza San Pedro. Plenty of Addidas knock offs to snap up as well as fruit, vegetables and popcorn. The red cars are close to The Witches Market, entrance point 16 de Julio/Jach’a Qhathu – Estación Central/Taypi Uta.

The green turns into the yellow and can be accessed at Mirador/Qhana Pata – Chuqui Apu/Libertador and Chuqui Apu/Libertador – Irpawi/Irpavi (notice that they are the colour of the Bolivian flag?

) Look out for the massive graveyard with coffins stacked up into what can only be described as council houses.

Due to the size of La Paz, more lines have been commissioned for the future.

Our tour leader was excellent, very knowledgeable and helpful. I loved the Bolivian salt flats which were astonishing (although shockingly cold at night), and the pampass tour, especially swimming in the river and having the dolphins come up and nuzzle me! Bring extra warm clothes for overnight sleeping on salt flats - there is no heating and although the salt hotel is not too cold, the 2nd night is really really cold. Hiking on a glacier, coming face to face with penguins in Punta Tomba, canyoning down a 40 metre waterfall, meeting all my new friends Tips? but it is quite intense being with other people for such a long time...

As the first Design Hotels™ member in Bolivia, Atix is a luxury hospitality pioneer for art-inclined, design-savvy travelers, set in the breathtaking city of La Paz.Expect to be a tad out of breath on arrival and you may find walking up hills and stairs more difficult than usual.Be sensible, if symptoms develop or continue for a long period of time, seek medical help.This article has links to products and services we love, which we may make commission from.Bolivia’s third biggest city, The Peace of Ayacucho – La Paz, is a ‘love it or hate it’ type of city.As one of the most affordable countries in South America, Bolivia is our top pick for an adventure on the cheap. Be prepared for early mornings, the possibility of altitude sickness... The most memorable part was vising the salt flats - they were beautiful, and totally original. If you're flying direct into La Paz give yourself 1-2 days to aclimatise (take it slowly). bring earplugs and ipod and a very very warm sleeping bag. Yes, we always took our rubbish with us, and were careful not to make a mess. Our Bolivia budget travel holidays make the most of the five star experiences the country has to offer from the riches of the Amazon to the glittering Lake Titicaca and many also take you through neighbouring countries, without the five star budget. The more in shape you are, the more you will get out of the trip as well! Yes, I think the homestays were great, and the trip encompassed ecotourism, especially in the Amazon. Storms are common, as is rain, there is a greater chance of rain during the cold season. You may feel dizzy when you first arrive to La Paz, especially if you have not had a ‘breaking in’ period in Peru.La Paz is 3500m above sea level, El Alto (where the cholita wrestling is held and the airport is) is even higher – 4000m above sea level.Too many to mention here so I wrote an entire post on it – restaurants in La Paz. Illampu also has lots of other quick options such as Tia Gladdy’s for a milkshake and a sandwich or Mozzarella for a decent pizza. You can expect comfy beds, hot showers, ping-pong, a relaxed bar, and decent food.Man v Food at The Steakhouse La Paz is the party city – your hostel may even offer you a locally brewed beer every day! Although, in La Paz, the party is often at your hostel (choice depending), when the hostel boozing ends, the management hook you up with transport to the after party at 1am!

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