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Bluetooth bmw x5 updating phone list

The issue has been known for over a year and BMW can't fix it.So frustrating for a company that sells a "Premium" Automobile.I cannot blame BMW for phone Bluetooth problems in their cars because if there is an standard that isn't is Bluetooth.

It was so frustrating that we reset both phones; a pain because some software has to be reinstalled, desktop apps, etc. I had the bluetooth issue with my F33 when I got it three weeks ago.Ongoing problems If the latest software is installed and the issue persist, perform the following: Note: If you're deactivated the Bluetooth on the phone after exiting the vehicle, advises you to reactivate the Bluetooth function on the phone prior to unlocking and entering the vehicle. No matter what the car just will not link to my phone.But then if I leave the car off for a while it will randomly start working again.While this doesn't help you if your phone wont' connect at least you won't go crazy trying to fix the problem.The Problem There are various connectivity failures with the following devices: slider WLAN to off).BMW was hoping for a resolution for Apple i Phone owners with i OS 9.3 but that doesn't seem to be fixing all the issues.As BMW is not taking responsibility for the issue but is collecting data on why i OS 9.3 updated phones are not working.As BMW is not taking responsibility for the issue there is no current fix for the problem. Our old Windows phones (Lumia 920) worked much better and with more functionality than our new i Phone 6S.At least now when your phone isn't working with your BMW Bluetooth you won't go crazy trying to fix a problem you can't fix. The sales people at phone stores (ATT, Verizon, etc.) all say it's Apple.I mentioned it to the SA I deal with and he knew exactly what the issue was. I didn't look at the paperwork when I got the car back but I will take a look and report back. As a side note, when I got the car I was surprised that I could not send address' to the car via Google maps or the BMW Remote app but when I got the car back, the feature was there and works.It almost seemed that the car was not programmed properly from the factory.

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