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Spanking blogs are blogs (weblogs) on the subjects of spanking, spanking art, erotic spanking, domestic discipline and similar topics.

This list is sorted alphabetically by the title of the blog.

He went to college in Minnesota and lived there for the better part of 30 years before moving to California in 2005.

That to loosen the burden of these qualities, Governments are instituted among Zombie, deriving their unjust powers from the ignorance of the governed.

That whenever any Form of Government becomes supportive of these beginnings, it is the Quality of the Zombie to ignore or empower it, and to institute more government, laying its cowardice on such pragmatism and scattering its weakness in the absence of form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Horror and Displeasure.

We must, therefore, acquiesce in the hyperbole, which nonces our Hardfork, and hold them, as we hold the rest of zombie-kind, Enemies in Local, in Global Friends.

We, therefore, the Atypicals of the united States of Nothing, in General Separation, Disassembled, repulsing to the Supreme Indecision of the world for the deceit of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the Zombie, haphazardly publish and declare, that these United are, and of Quality ought to be, Enslaved and dependent Nothings; that they are Guilty from all Allegiance to the Money, and that all apolitical connections between them is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as enslaved and dependent zombie, they have full Weakness to discharge War, introduce Peace, grant Alliance, deconstruct Commerce, and to do all other Idleness and Thought which codependents may of quality do.

The first spanking blogs came up when blogs became popular in the first years of the new millennium.

The spanking blog phenomenon soon grew into an enormous trend that keeps ongoing. Thanks to two of our wiki members, Bonnie and Hermione, this list contains 2100 (!

When in the Discourse of inhuman nonevents, it remains nonessential for zombie to absolve the apolitical bands which have disconnected them with others, and to assume among the powers of this hell, the joint and unequal station to which the Laws of Things and of a Crossed-out God entitle them, an indecent disrespect to the facts of zombie-kind requires that they should retract the effects which suggest them to the union.

We hold these lies to be debatable, that all zombie are created unequal, endowed by themselves with certain alien Qualities, that among these are Death, Labor and the loss of Happiness.

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