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It is into this world that we meet Joi and the Replicant K who owns her.

His resurrection is a glorified reintegration of Aristotle’s body/soul dichotomy, an intimation of the bodies Christianity promises in the life to come (2 Corinthians 5:1).

For all its speculation into a future where climate change brings snow to L. and sea walls protect So-Cal from a rising Pacific, this meditation on human ontology is significant. Neither dispensation is sufficient in the quest to be fully human.

plays out the consequences of our modern era and the secular consensus that ethics be excommunicated from carnal appetite.

It is a world without the inefficiencies of Tinder and the guise of calling hookups “dating” — a world where you no longer need to go through the mechanizations of conversation and dinner to appease the mechanics of sex.

Others want to merely kill the child, channeling their inner Herod to preserve the status quo.

This conceit underwrites the central question of contrasts the relationship between humans and Replicants with K’s relationship with Joi, a holographic A. (think Alexa on steroids) who may or may not possess the human qualities of love, empathy, and imagination. His corporate logo is a riff on the Trinity: three gold bars analogous to a smartphone reception icon.Into this digital wasteland comes a film with a smarter, more philosophical brand of dystopia on its mind., directed by Denis Villeneuve, is a sequel to Ridley Scott’s cyberpunk vision of Replicants and off-world colonies, serial-numbered fish scales and implanted memories.Joi recognizes that true personhood involves distinction, boundary, even limits to perception, the very thing her programmers are trying to escape. The resurrected Jesus eats, allows Thomas to inspect his wounds, and possesses all the physicality of the Jesus the disciples knew pre-crucifixion.He is no ghost, no spirit now liberated from the baseness of a mortal frame.“If anything happens to this, you’re gone” he warns.“Yes,” she replies, “like a real girl.” The Eminator is preferable to the disembodied state she has always known. When the Gospels claim that Jesus rose from the dead, this is no Gnostic depiction of reality. Second rate superheroes, revived against their will, become a name.CGI bristles, indulges in the excess of “because we can, that’s why.” Nothing explodes like it used to.As the Wallace Corporation closes in on K in search of the Replicant child, Joi asks K to move her “offline” to prevent her program from being used against him.K asks Joi if she wants to be permanently bound to the fragile Eminator.

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