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As futurists pine for the disembodied omnipotence of the Cloud, the Replicants and A. of centered on K, a Nexus-9 Replicant and blade runner by trade.

Nexus-9s are more strictly programmed than the Nexus 6s portrayed in the first film.

“If anything happens to this, you’re gone” he warns.

CGI bristles, indulges in the excess of “because we can, that’s why.” Nothing explodes like it used to.

Wallace, the film’s antagonist and creator of the Nexus-9, desires the power of childbirth to grow an army.

A ragtag rebellion of Replicants want the child to verify their humanity, to share equal status in the world.

The plot is set in motion when K discovers the buried remains of a mother who died in childbirth — a mother who turns out to be a Replicant.

This cataclysmic discovery inspires different forces to find this miraculous child and exploit it for their own purposes.

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