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Blackberry outlook contacts not updating

This meant that if you entered a PIN for someone in your address book, that PIN would be synced to User Field1 in the respective Outlook Contact.If you updated the User Field1 attribute of an Outlook contact, that PIN would quickly sync down to the Black Berry address book.When you upgrade to a new Z30, those PINs become unavailable.

We tried all of the usual troubleshooting techniques.

The PIN's were in Outlook contacts but wouldn't sync to certain BB10 handhelds.

A few months ago, a customer reported that certain users were not getting updated PIN information for their co-workers.

Normally when they open an entry in their address book on a Black Berry 10 device, they would always see the option to compose a PIN message to that co-worker.

With this particular customer that had PINs stored in Outlook Contact User Field1, the PIN’s were missing from the Black Berry.

We also saw that in some instances, the PIN appeared in the “Other Phone” field! When we placed a PIN in the other phone field (on the Black Berry), it mapped back to a phone number in the Outlook Contact.Microsoft Outlook and Google services synchronization will start automatically after you finish the Synchronization Setup Wizard.With the introduction of Outlook 2011 for Mac, many Mac users are asking the burning question around how to sync Outlook 2011 for Mac with the native Mac Address Book, which is now called “Contacts” (for the duration of this article, Mac Address Book will now be known as either “Contacts” or “Mac Contacts”).Set up a Google account on your Black Berry by following the Email Setup Wizard.After you sync Outlook with Google and set up a Google account on your Black Berry you will have your Contacts, Calendars and Tasks synced.After installation of Sync2, just follow the Synchronization Setup Wizard steps.Schedule synchronization and it will start automatically, otherwise you can start syncing manually any time you need the changes to be transferred.There was 15 years of consistency in the way the Black Berry PIN was mapped back to an Outlook Contact.For a real life problem, lets say you have a Black Berry 9630 with the PINs configured for several of your coworkers and friends.Check the necessary updates and click the Install button.Follow all the required steps until the installation is complete.

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