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This extra money does get you 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, up from 3GB and 32GB from the original version. It'll also come to Germany, France, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Japan with other European, Asian and Latin American companies to follow.

TCL confirmed to CNET at IFA that an all touchscreen phone is in the works for October, but for now the keyboard reigns in the new-look Black Berry world. The KEYone, with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor (distinctly midrange) will set you back £499 SIM free.

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We’ve got 2 apps available, for Non Stop Play and for Non Stop Play Pure Dance so that you can listen to both our radio stations on your Black Berry smartphone. tap W to get the weather app open) but it adds a new draw in the fingerprint sensor built into the space bar.The keyboard houses a touch sensitive trackpad underneath it, allowing you to glide your thumb over the keys much like a laptop trackpad to navigate web pages and apps.That’s a lot considering you could get a One Plus 5 for £499 with a Snapdragon 825.Then again – those after the KEYone are unlikely to care.You can now download our brand new Black Berry app.Now you can listen on the move easily by using our new app which you can use on Wi-Fi and 3G/4G to listen to our radio stations wherever you are!Black Berry lovers out there will dig it, though if you forked out for a KEYone a few months ago you might be a bit miffed.It costs £50 more though, coming in at £549 and will available very soon.And while Black Berry didn’t have any news about a follow-up for its flagship model at CES this year, the company did come with a pair of smaller announcements: US availability for the full touchscreen Black Berry Motion, which was announced back in October, and a new bronze color for the Key One.The Motion is set to hit the US as a GSM unlocked phone on January 12th, sold online through Amazon and Best Buy for 9.99.

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