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It also helps with a person's business profile to \"look politically correct\" or you state that you're past racism. Coloured guys who achieve publically(Habana etc) also get involved with white girls. I'm in no position to judge these 'famous' females or men for choosing a partner of another ethnicity and I really don't care why they do.

Their dating preference means absolutely nothing to me because their decisions don't affect my life or the way I live. Then we've got nothing to say to each other, have we?

If you take Jo-Ann Strauss and Vanessa Marawa, both models, they are exceptionally tall and this again probably makes it very difficult to find guys within their own racial or cultural backgrounds who are taller.

Indeed I find the above quote very insulting , personally I feel that I'm mentally and physically adequate to date any coloured equally attracted to me. I have never given this any thought until just moments ago..Im shooting from the hip as it were.Ramon made a comment about coloured men not meeting their expectations or reaching their level of success or being tall enough.If I were a man, i would definitely be insulted with that comment. I've dated out of my ethnicity not because I was trying to make a statement or couldn't find a minority on my intellectual level or they didn't meet my height requirements.Hope this is clear.....wkn to y'all:)A point of clarification the 5 \"6\" I quoted with regard to Tom Cruise is 5 feet 6 Inches tall , it has no connection with the measurement of pvt parts.Hope this is clear.....wkn to y'all:) Hi Adamas, success shouldn't be the word then.Let's say, if you have a social standing, say a so-called celebrity, you tend to become a subject of interest in whatever gave you social stand.If you would have been a teacher/mechanic 24/7 guy, people's interest in you are not the same.White women range from those so intrigued by black men that it veers into fetish to those so reluctant to date black men that it feels more racist than preference-driven.These are generalizations, of course, but they are attitudes that I've personally encountered.However , in terms of enhancing status , I do see some people \"marrying-up\" as it was called then.....a coloured girl married a white guy. If put in the position any coloured women successful or not may find themselves attarcted to and dating a white guy now if its being implied that 'successful' coloured women prefer white men..a few andacdotal examples cannot convince me of that argument really.My personal view is that if you have to marry a spouse of another race inorder to \"enhance\" your suffer from mental bondage , i.e an inferiority complex. There are way too many variables unaccounted for here..his may be missing the point entirely here but you wanted a contribution. I was involved with a white girl myself, and I am interested te hear what people think about it. Is it driving a luxuary car,having wealth,legally or by dodgy means? Does been happy,joyfull,forfullment& love equate a successful woman? Besides which sista in her right sense would want to date,a immature mommy's boy,who measures his success by the grithe & lenght of his penis & by the 17 inch mags on his car,& all the bling he wears.

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