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The area’s landscapes vary tremendously, making the trails quite diverse.You may find yourself walking through grasslands, crossing creeks, traversing pine forests, or even scrambling over boulders.

The Black Hills Gold Rush took place in Dakota Territory in the United States.

It began in 1874 following the Custer Expedition and reached a peak in 1876-77.

At each spot, they found flakes of gold, but not the bonanza they sought.

Things changed when the miners stumbled across Deadwood and Whitewood Creeks in the northern Black Hills.

Despite being within Indian territory, and therefore off-limits, white Americans were increasingly interested in the gold-mining possibilities of the Black Hills.

Prospectors found gold in 1874 near present-day Custer, South Dakota, but the deposit turned out to be small.

The robbers bound and gagged the stableman and lined the stable wall with their guns through cracks between the logs.

As the coach approached the station, the desperadoes opened fire. The chief guard took cover behind a large pine tree, exchanged a few shots with the bandits, and got them to agree to let him go if he would leave the coach with them.

Most good prospectors knew that this placer gold was eroded from hard-rock deposits.

So while many still flocked to Deadwood, others looked for the hard-rock deposits that were the source of the placer gold.

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