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Genesis 46, Judah went into Egypt with his brothers and presumably settled in the land of Goshen with his children. Shua was his wife in the region Chezib and he had another wife in Egypt. The names Esau, Uz, Lotan and Timna are likewise Horite names. Ussher lived before the development of molecular genealogy which has shed much light on human origins, and especially on the dispersion of the ancient Nilotes and Kushites.

Yet in Genesis 38, we read that Judah had sons by a woman and lived in the region of Adulla, Mareshah and Chezib in the territory of the Horites. Error #6: Ussher didn't know about the cousin bride's naming prerogative which meant that the bride's father and her first-born son had the same name. The name "Adah" can be traced back to Lamech the Elder. He also lived before the development of kinship analysis which makes verification of the Genesis King Lists possible.

C., at nine o'clock in the morning** - is often ridiculed by textbooks as (we now know) a futile attempt, but at his time Ussher's calculation were based on the most reliable information available and were not intended for practical use, but as a theological guideline. according to the Jewish calendar, **however Ussher don´t mentions a certain time, he only states that light was created first ]However Ussher´s calculations were not universally accepted as the only truth - there were in fact other attempts to determinate the age of the earth and many concluded that the true age was significantly older than the known human history. Living in one of the key area for the history of geology, I combine field trips with the historic research done in these regions, accompanied by historic maps and depictions.

Likewise, Lamech is a variant of la-melech which appears on several thousand Egyptian seals.

It means "of the King" or "for the King." Error #5: Usher insisted on reading Genesis as chronological records, rather than as stories involving people who often lived at the same time. Judah likely had two wives, one in Horite Territory and the other n Egypt.

They cannot be used to count generations because they are king lists and some kings ruled simultaneously, others ruled for short periods, and still others ruled for longer than a generation (40 years).

Error #2 Ussher did not recognize that some of the genealogical lists are telescopic. Such lists give the names of only the most famous rulers.

Cain and his brother Seth married the daughters of Enoch/Nok, a great Proto-Saharan chief.

These brides named their first born sons after their father.The biblical record often speaks of two different people who had the same name. It can no longer be claimed that these rulers did not live in history.This is true of Lamech the Elder and Lamech the Younger, of Joktan the Elder and Joktan the Younger, and of Sheba the Elder and Sheba the Younger. Their marriage and ascendancy pattern is authentic and can be traced from Genesis 4 to the New Testament records of Mary and Joseph's families.This means that we cannot use the genealogies to date the earth.Error #3: Ussher did not understand that the rulers listed had two wives so there were two first-born sons.From predynastic times, ntjr designated the ruler among the Kushites.The name Panther or p-ntjr meant "God is King." It is certain that Mary was of the ruler-priest caste because even those who hated her admit this.Ussher's scheme is not accurate because these lists are not generational, but regnal, and the reigns of some kings coincided. Let us examine the problems with Ussher's scheme error by error.Error #1: Ussher did not recognize that the Genesis genealogies are regnal not generational.Ussher did not take this complication into consideration, which is another reason his chronology can't be used to determine the age of the earth.Error #4: There are various the king lists, depending on the group of people. Some lists provide the names of the first born sons of the half-sister brides.

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