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With modern education, modern western form of romance and dating tradition is growing and young people are no more keen on this traditional practice but would rather exchange love letters and fix dates.There is also a general misunderstanding among urban elites who have not been through the tradition that prowling for girls is tantamount to sexual harassment and the union resulting from it, to rape.

The use of a vernacular word Bomena, not ‘night hunting’, a term loaded with ethnocentrism and ignorance of the custom, tells a lot of this original village ethnography.

The culture of night prowling is fading away due to socio-economic changes.

With new metal latches and locks in many houses, it is difficult for young boys now to get into the house.

This more likely if they know the prowler is a suitor they would like to have for their daughter.

It is not difficult to guess who the prowler might be in small close-knit villages.

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