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They offer Dual HK/China China Unicom SIM cards that, because they offer Hong Kong data roaming, don’t require a VPN to circumvent the internet censorship while in China.

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If you want to look at other plans on China Unicom check out their service site 10010

In particular if you want to check out 3G packages: companies can sell you a pre-paid SIM card and deliver it to you before you get to China.

However, many VPNs don’t work well in China and can be agonizingly slow.

Since I do all my work on the internet, I NEED to have a fast connection.

This means you will be connected as soon as you get off the plane when you arrive– a huge plus if you use Uber at the airport.

Comnet Mobile offers a pre-paid SIM card pre-loaded with credit that you can purchase from their website here.

Furthermore, China Mobile has an awful in country roaming plan (i.e if you register a Beijing number but make calls in Shanghai), that charges you extra if you make calls in other provinces.

China Unicom is the clear winner for us because the 4G and 3G bands are most compatible with foreign phones.

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