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Being too picky in dating

The person you choose should have a job or even a career,and have his or her life and finances in order, or at leastbe working on it.

Or, not having been in arelationship in a long time, you can be so desperate for arelationship that being with any person seems much better thannothing.

Becoming less or more picky than you currently are about whomyou date may improve your chances of finding true love -- forthe first time or again.

Choosing a person who has no exes lurking around hoping toreignite the relationship.

Lurking exes tend to cause problems for relationships becausethe lurked is often torn between the past and presentrelationship and cannot fully be in either.5.

If you have been in one or more long-term relationshipand are now single again, you may find yourself at one of thetwo extremes of pickiness.

You can become extremely picky to tryto protect yourself from hurt.Ensuring your potential partners have these same qualitiesmakes being in the relationship with each other easier - the twoof you will be on the same page in many aspects.2.Your partner should have the same family goals as you, suchas having children or not, getting married or not, etc.You can become extremely picky to try to protect yourself from hurt Are You Too Picky or Not Picky Enough?Are you too picky or not picky enough when it comes to findinglove?You'realso likely to spend most of your time out of a relationship andsad about it.Want to end up in a relationship rather than ending up alone?The person should be someone you enjoy looking at, someoneyou find attractive.Healthy physical intimacy is critical to a long-term, happyrelationship.You need not worry about your partner's past as long as you cansee that the emotions and circumstances of the past have beenexperiences and worked through.If you're too picky or not picky enough you can still end upalone.

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