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Along with wealth and fame came many honors, including election to the Institute of France and being named a Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor.

Reactionary in visual tastes, Bouguereau believed art should idealize beauty and turned up his nose at anything that even remotely deviated from this dictum.

In 1872, he was enrolled in the prestigious Lycee Fontanes in Paris, but he left the school only three short years later, in 1875, due to health reasons.

Together with his mother, he moved back to the south of France, and its gentler climate.

The most notable painting from the Harris collection was the early Toulouse-Lautrec painting "La blanchisseuse" (1886- 87), a young laundress with copper-colored hair and a pearly white blouse.

Its optimistic presale estimate of $20 million to $25 million turned out to be justified, as the painting sold for $22.4 million to a phone bidder.

"The Abduction of Psyche" (1895) is probably his best-known work.

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Today many critics dismiss his style as kitsch and do not look kindly on his harmful opposition to new creative trends; but his exquisite craftsmanship is undeniable.

Paul Cezanne, who submitted canvases to that venue every year only to have them rejected, finally gave up and declared, "I don't stand a chance in Monsieur Bouguereau's Salon".

Rival salons sprang up in Paris to combat Bouguereau's conservatism, but he remained powerful and influential until his death at 79.

Much of Henri's early childhood was spent in the Chateau de Celeyran, his mother's familial home, near the Mediterranean town of Narbonne, where he spent much time drawing and painting the life and landscape of the estate.

In 1868, his parents separated; Henri would live mostly with his mother.

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