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and was generally very happy with what I had at that time. Shiny black finish with dark red binding, and widow headstock. Rich guitar that is solid red, and has a number on the back of it on a black plate that reads: E70G049. Rich's and haven't been disappointed with any of them. The only difference is that I've been unable to find a pic of one with a reverse headstock like mine. I have not been able to find a serial number anywhere. Rich in favor of a better guitar and was wondering how much it might be worth as a trade in. Its in nearly perfect condition because I hated playing it.

I purchased mine from a pawn shop back in the 90's.

Any help on the serial number would be appreciated.

I think that Bernie was a man who wanted people to have his fine instruments in their hands.

He felt that if he made them affordable that people would buy them.

I'd like to narrow down the year a bit, and find out what country it was made in.

It's an amazing guitar, fun to play, but I just want to know a bit more about its history.

I know its hard to assign value without a picture so just assume its in perfect condition with a very small crack in the tip of one of the widow peaks (approximately 1/4) this crack has been repaired and is barely noticeable. It's the only set of number I can see without taking it apart. Michael Hi, like many other BC Rich guitar owners i have a Platinum series that i can´t seem to trace its year can you please give me a hand??

I've had the guitar for at least 15 years and it's still show room new. It´s a Platinum model (H-S-S w/ vintage tremolo and Bolt on Neck) with Serial #E703109..tks I am the original owner of a Warlock Platinum Series (black) reverse headstock, purchased new at Guitar Plus during summer of 1991.

Ed Roman Will Beat Any Price Anywhere On Any Guitar. Only exception unavailable or limited edition models, which make up less than 10% Of what is available on the market. The rich Germans, Japanese & Arabs account for many of those. The models include the Mockingbird, Bich, Beast, Stealth, Warlock, and many more. Because of the negative connotation involved with Asian imports in the high end marketplace many of these so called high end snob guitar buyers were barely aware of his existence.

BC Rich imports thousands of guitars every year from various countries. That leaves approximately 135 real BC Rich guitars for the entire world. For every real USA BC Rich there are probably 50 lower cost Asian imported versions.

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