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Then, in a flash the fiery shockwave would have radiated outwards at the speed of sound for up to a mile, causing huge blunt force trauma injuries to anyone caught in its path, leveling buildings and trees.

The diet became popular in the 1920s when Dr Henry Rawle Geyelin suggested it as a way to treat epilepsy.

Today it is still seen as an effective treatment of the disease, but is perhaps better known for its popularity among body builders and dieters.

If you do happen to be following a Ketogenic diet and feel in need of a fat boost, here are two recipes to try.

Being clueless is cute for a prepubescent boy, but if you are over the age of 18 (and if you are under, you should not be here), you should know better than uploading bad photos to your online dating profile.

•The rise and fall of the no-fat fad Are they good for you?

Author of Get The Glow and nutritional health coach Madeleine Shaw is a fan - in the right circumstances.

Those left alive would have been shocked and left in awe by the sight of a terrifying mushroom cloud - the psychological scars staying with them forever.

The Pentagon estimates that 800 ISIS terrorists were in the area.

I do believe there are shortcuts to "soften" pixels etc, I'm no game developer though just a graphic designer. But yeah, I do believe it would be too much work for outdated gear. There are many cool designs from Vanilla that looks horrible because of the pixels.

This past Armistice day, November 11th 2017 lunched its end of year fundraising campaign in a big way with ,000 of Crypto Currency matching funds from and the addition of of BItcoin Cash, Dash and Zcash to its accepted digital currency’s.

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