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His dating app, Badoo, is available in 190 countries and has seven times more users than Tinder.He’s worth over £700 million and says the swipe was actually invented by him.I was envisioning using Badoo to connect with cool people at crowded events like the Maker Faire, or maybe at industry conferences. Part 2: The low-down reality The initial impression I got when I signed to the service: man, this is creepy.

You must use the app that people around you use to discover new friends.Even the part where you enter in interests, to match with other users, is relatively obscure.Then there's the revenue model: the service is free, but only to a point. But neither is Badoo, strictly speaking, a dating service, according to CEO Andrey Andreev and CMO Jessica Powell. Where Facebook is the network of your friends (even if you define "friend" loosely), Badoo is a network for friends yet to be.Powell disagrees with this and said in an e-mail after we talked, "Dating only represents about 20 percent of how users make use of the site.I think Badoo is successful (far more so than dating sites, which are smaller) because it's not prescriptive.He orders a bottle of mineral water – “Room temperature, please” – and after scanning the menu decides that we will both have a selection of starters, to better enjoy “the gastronomic experience” of it all.Then he says that he has something he wants to show me.Other features require payment, too, and you can't do much before you bump into pay-me blocks. A site that's similar in some ways, How About We, feels more platonic than Badoo. There is, after all, one thing that people will always want, and one way or another, pay for.And I do respect Powell's assertion that in Silicon Valley we tend to like the sterile, or as she put it, "desexified" product.

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