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Almost every man that comes to our couches for a boot camp with The Art of Charm has gotten some pretty bad dating advice at one point or another.

They told me not to talk to him and to wait until he talked to me. --Ashley, 16"Right after my boyfriend and I broke up, my mom told me to go and get someone else because that was the fastest way to get over a guy.

Do you know how much you could hurt another person because you're on the rebound?

When my crush took me out on a date I did the exact thing.

As I walked toward him he was freaking out and he started backing up.

Better dating advice — the type of dating advice that The Art of Charm gives — is how to create attraction quickly.

Bad Dating Advice: “Don’t Call for X Days” First of all, most guys text rather than call.

"My little sister told me this one day while I was having boy problems: 'Date like a man, so you won't get played!

'"--Hope, 15"The worst advice I got was from a friend.

Bad Dating Advice: “It Takes Time to Build Attraction” Sure it does: A few minutes.

Attraction is merely the impulse that leads one person to want to get to know another better.

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