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Backdating jsa

At the interview I told the guy that I dont wanna sign to say I’m fit for work when I’m not!

He said a few times that if I want any money I must sign it. So he told me I had to apply for a certain amount of jobs per week or I wont get paid.

My local Job Centre is only two minutes away but they also only have a couple of phones and are usually occupied by people who have had the same idea.

In the end we wrote some things down just to go home. He said they will close your case and make u sign on esa.

So while at home I wrote on here saying how could I get out of doing job searches for a job I will never be able to do ( ive got fibromyalgia and cfs severely, so get brain fog, have sleep probs and of course the pain). So, I turned up on friday with a sick note for two weeks, as this is the longest they allow u, and only 2 in a year, or you will get signed off jsa. I said, how can I be asking esa to do me a reconsideration and if not successful an appeal, if I’m signing on to say I’m fit for work. I said, how can that happen if I’ve been chucked off it?

It is only when you have clicked on this button on site that the free 0800 numbers are finally revealed on the next page:  5.

Free numbers are also revealed if you ring the 0845 number: yes, that’s right.

It is true: buying newspapers to look for job adverts, taking public transport to go to interviews, buying paper and ink cartridges to print out your CVs, all costs money.

For a jobseeker on a £60-plus allowance a week, a £20 spend a week on buses and trains means a third of the allowance gone.You will find that when you call their 0845 number, you are referred to the same free number above.So why not make these 0800 numbers available and searchable from the start?I catch myself becoming a hermit, going out less and less, as once I step out of the house, money starts rolling out of my purse. By phone or online, once the application form is submitted, an adviser should call you within two working days to set up a first appointment for you at your local Job Centre Plus. If you have never claimed JSA before, you may benefit from browsing through this Jobseeker’s Allowance Survival Guide, which gives you a brutally honest picture of what to expect and what rules you will be expected to play by.More tips in my next post here, but if you have any to add, please feel free to share them in the comments’ section.So I told him I aint fit to work and nobody will employ me unless I lied at my interview.Then I’d get fired straight away cus I wouldn’t manage to get there on time it at all.These are numbers that are supposedly charged at the same rate as a local call from a BT landline but can cost a small fortune if you rely on mobile phones. COM, and search for a cheaper standard telephone number, or even a free one.Remember: it takes 30 minutes or more to apply for JSA on the phone. Not all Job Centres are listed on that site though, so if you can’t find your local one, try option 3 below. Borrow the phones from your local Job Centre Plus: if you have the stamina and patience, that is.Job Centres are deliberately burying their freephones away to avoid being inundated with “irrelevant” calls.The 0845 numbers are supposed to work like a firewall, discouraging time wasters to ring in – that is the explanation I received on the phone from the Brighton and Hove Job Centre, which still offered a local enquiries number.

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