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The rent-a-name practice for appointment of trustees that have no obligations or duties continues.The “apparent authority” of the servicers is based upon a trust document of an entity in which there is no asset.

The only parties that actually have the proof as to the fabrication of any one particular transaction are the parties with whom you are in litigation and the parties who created them and use them as sham conduits.

They resist by all means available any attempt to provide access tot he real information and the real monetary transactions which look very different from the ones portrayed in court.

But more importantly, a party who does not loan money to a borrower has no right to be on the note and mortgage.

And parties who make claims based upon the note and mortgage are really pursing their own interests and thus perpetrating a fraud upon the court, contrary to the interests of the investors whose money was procured by trick and deceit.

But these trusts never had more than 300 investors at inception or any other time.

They only filed on some of the trusts to give the appearance of propriety when in fact the BANKS were taking the entire proceeds of the sale of the mortgage backed securities issued BY THE TRUSTS and pocketing it.

The value of those apparently futile endeavors can be that at trial the foreclosing party will almost certainly rely on legal presumptions that depend upon information contained in your discovery request.

OBJECTIONS AT TRIAL: This requires research and analysis of potential objections and how they should be used.

This takes strict logical analysis by the attorney representing the homeowner — an exercise that in most cases cannot be accomplished by a pro se litigant.

It may be beyond the confidence of the lawyer too, but there are many people in the country who provide services that assist with the logical analysis and factual analysis — including but not limited to the team at Living Lies and Lending Lies.

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