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Ships were sailing up the Thames to London from everywhere bringing silk and cotton, tobacco and tea.

since then the animal was reported in other parishes in the area, but we have not heard of its capture or any damage it has caused, except indirectly as many people trampled farmer greenhills fields in search of said creature.

A Mysterious Animal – On Saturday evening week a person in the employ of Mr. Greenhill, at Bucksford-farm, Great Chart, was startled by the sudden apparition of what appeared to him to be an extraordinary kind of animal, resembling a large baboon, in one of his employer’s wheat fields, but whose name and nature were utterly incomprehensible to him.

He, however, at last did so, and we may suppose reached his home with his hair standing on end, and related the tale of the awful ‘summat’ he had seen; but the shock was so great it has made him ill.

On the affair becoming known, it is reported, several of the stout men of Great Chart, well armed, made a search in the fields, but did not succeed in catching the animal, whatever it might be; while one party, probably inclining to the supposition of ‘the thing’ being his satanic majesty harboured thereabouts, took a horse and cart and went to Ashford in order to bring back aid from the police in taking him into custody.

Not knowing, indeed, whether it might not be certain unmentionable personage in bodily shape [i.e.

Satan], its appearance had the effect utterly scattering his senses, in when he collected enough of them to make up his mind to a speedy retreat, fear had so unnerved his limbs that he was at first unable to get over a stile which led out of the field.It is worth noting that that bastion of journalistic integrity, the Daily Mail sponsored an expedition to find the Yeti in 1954.And so it would be nice if we can find some verifiable reports that were made prior to the 1950s.The Chatham Ape Man ~ 2nd hand account, recently reported. Kent Long Armed Figure ~ 2nd hand account, no dates. The Friston Screams ~ Too recent Great Chart Ashford baboon ~ As you can see, most of these reports are worthless to me.Walderslade, Chatham Ape/Man ~ 2nd hand account, unknown dates. My aim is to find UK Bigfoot in the historical record, and so I am looking at this as a historian would. Although primary sources and first hand accounts are normally worthy of consideration, in this case the claim is not enough, I am looking for a secondary source to back up the claim — something documented at the time.If it were a bigfoot, so adept at hiding, why would it make a nuisance of it’s self for a month and let a host of different people see it?It is worth remembering that in 1858 we had an empire that spanned the globe, the biggest fleet in the world, and Britain’s ports were the busiest in the world.Blue Bell Hill, in Kent, is infamous for its’ ghostly hitchhiker but this area is also a cryptozoology hotspot – an ostrich was seen by a driver during the 1990s near the haunted hill, but what is of most interest to the BBR is that a large hairy beast, thought by the witness to be a gorilla, was seen here.This coincides with the other sightings of the Blue Bell Hill Beast listed, including that by a group of five Territorial Army members, who shouted and threw stones at the Bigfoot as it ran away There is really not much to go on with this report, but as it says that other sightings have been listed, I thought I should see if i can find any reports.Since then more than one burly individual in the parish has acknowledged to having been startled from his propriety by a glimpse of it, one who was going to count some sheep having left his job made the best of his way homewards. They know what a baboon is, they even say that it is ,”set down as a baboon escaped from some show”.The children of the National School had a holiday, and with a number of the inhabitants joined in general hunt of the woods but when wanted the creature is not to be seen, and no traces of it could be discovered, although it was considered that the thick undergrowth prevented such careful search as was desirable. They think it’s a baboon, why would we doubt them and assume it is a bigfoot?

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