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Avg updating but not current

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Also, online Help and Support won't go online, even though I am online.

In Windows Update Change Settings I only have options for Recommended updates and Who can install updates.

I don't have Microsoft update option or Software notifications, so I can't tick a "Microsoft Update" box because there is none.

If you run into this situation, it does provide you with an error code number.

This Windows Update code error: 80240442 is the one I am trying to fix in this instance.

Or if you’re on Windows 8.1 and trying to update via the Modern UI, you’ll get a similar message screen Well, you click to get help with the error, and it either isn’t useful at all.

Or it lists errors that are similar to the one you have but are not the exact error.Do I have a known issue that can be fixed, or might I still have a problem from my recent bad software experience, even though I cleaned my system with a new Windows install?My laptop has 64 bit Windows 7, had the same bad software loaded which I removed, but I didn't load clean Windows on my laptop because there are no observable issues, and both Windows and Office updates for Office 2003 are working fine, as is online Help and Support.Here's 101 Useful Websites With Easy to Remember Names Updated: Fix Most Windows Errors and Problems With Tweaking.Com Windows Repair 4.0.14 (Video) Video: Using Tweaking.I still use Office 2003, and just reloaded it as well.Windows appears to have been updated fine, but I don't seem to be able to get Office updates.But I think Microsoft needs to update its error code database more often, because, as I found out by doing a Bing search, there are a lot of people getting this particular one.I will start with the error that has been giving me major irritation – it’s a bit of a rant – but is something any Windows user has faced.You can so full system scan, registry and memory scans. Get yourself protected from Trojans, Worms, Hijackers, Spyware, Keyloggers and even Dialers.This document, titled "Updating AVG antispyware," is available under the Creative Commons license.

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