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It is equipped with a backup camera and has options for a 7-inch touchscreen display with Android Auto and Apple Car Play, as well as an optional autonomous emergency braking system.

In response to a newly-developed concept of Received Pronunciation in Britain, which was closely tied to notions of social prestige, some Australian speakers modified their vowels and diphthongs in order to move them towards the British exemplars.

RECORDED BY: Flloyd Kennedy DATE OF RECORDING (DD/MM/YYYY): 13/06/2014 : [partial transcription]: wɛ̈l h̝ɪ̝ə˘z ə ˈstɔːri fɔː ju̞. The other – yesterday – I was, um, tst, sorting out my underwear while I was, ah, unpacking the laundry basket and I threw my underwear into the underwear shelf. There wasn’t a “good” in the passage that I read for you …

‖ sɛːɹə pɛˑɹəi wɒ̽z ə ˈvɛt̚n̩ɹɪ nɜːs hɜ̆əd bin ˈwɜːkɪŋ ˈdaəli æt ən ʌʊld zuˑ | ɪn ə dɪˈzɜtəd ˈdɪstɹɪkt əv ðə ˈtɛɹəˌtɹə̝i ‖ sʌʊ ʃi wəz ˈvɛɹi ˈhæpɪ tə staːt ə njʉː dʒɒb æt̪ə səˈpʰɵːb ˈphɹaɪvɪt pʰɹakt̪s̩ TRANSCRIBED BY: Flloyd Kennedy DATE OF TRANSCRIPTION (DD/MM/YYYY): 30/06/2014 : Oh, OK, so, I was born in Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia, in 1960. And then I heard “meow.” And it was my cat, sleeping in the underwear shelf, who was most offended that I was throwing smalls at her. TRANSCRIBED BY: Flloyd Kennedy DATE OF TRANSCRIPTION (DD/MM/YYYY): 13/06/2014 : The subject speaks with General Australian phonemes; however, the influence of (tonal) Cantonese is audible in the intonation, which has sharper rises and falls in pitch that the more smoothly undulating Australian speech tune.

She went “neow” and then looked at me like – “are you gonna keep throwing things? Her oral posture involves a slightly retracted jaw and high tongue position in close proximity to the velum, resulting in some nasalization of sounds.

” and I went “mm” and so she’s jumped out, sort of like stalking off, like that. I do — I am a performer, and I have had a clown character, a grandma, a Chinese grandma who speaks something like this: “Hurrow everybody, how are you?

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