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Asus bios not updating

Assuming you're using the EZ Flash Utility, the BIOS will update and when the bar reaches 100% it will restart your first to finish the update.Once the system is restarted, a message saying i ROG is updating, do no turn off system will appear on your screen. And when does this "Bios is Updating" Looping issue start?I switched on my computer this morning and I have this message greeting me and it's still ongoing; BIOS is updating.

(Select Tools YES)Wait for your system to check current BIOS information. Select the drive letter with the BIOS update file, then select the file. After the file check is finished, click "Yes" to update your BIOS. When the update is finished, remove the floppy or USB drive and reboot.This is the latest pattern: Shut down and switch on and then the message appear shut down and hold CMOS Enter F1 and exit and then boot up fine. Thanks for your input and good to hear you've solved it. Out of the blue I had the overclocking failed and F1 to enter notification for the first time today. I didn't do any overclocking or anything like that since. I've never had this kind of problems with Maximus V Gene - threw everything at it, overclocked regularly and never flaked out on me.Mine did that once and I read that if you have something connected to your front panel usb 3 port then that can cause it. I noticed my profile that I made was gone and since then no more problems by shutting down 5 times on the trot and no more messages. Only got this new Rampage V Extreme for little over a week and it's been a pain. I had the same issue I updated my bios from 0503 to 0802 and my system was looping BIOS IS UPDATING and never finished.EDIT: I took out the cpu and inspected for bent pins carefully. I flashback the bios to 0503 to get the system working again.Everything is fine, cleaned off the old thermal paste and put a fresh line of thermal paste (Arctic MX-4) and re-seated the Corsair H110 carefully. The last good know bios is the 0603; 07 are broken.By some estimates, as many as 1/3 of desktop computers sold today are based on an ASUS motherboard. But even well-made gear can use some tweaking if and when compatibility problems arise.A BIOS update might be all a user needs resolve them.I had to use Flashback Bios with the bios version 0603 to get the bios working again, if I flash it with 0706 or 0802 I got the ' Bios is Updating" Looping issue again. And Is the BIOS the only file present on the USB pendrive?Also try to use pendrives that are small in capacity and avoid those that have a secret hidden partition.And explain in detail exactly what happens or what you see.Yes using EZ Flash 2 Utility the process complete 100% then the system restart to finish the update and I get the message Bios is Updating, do no turn off system.

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