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If you don't like dancing, don't go out dancing to find a lover.

The only ones you are supposed to find there are people who love dancing and when you show up, they will assume you love dancing too... And what about the ever increasing popularity of chatboxes, instant Messengers and social media like Facebook, Google , Twitter etc.?

Would you always want to communicate in emoticons and acronyms? Needless to say, finding the right person is definitely not always easy.

Fact is that the more choice you have, the more chances you have to meet likeminded people. Right to knock on your door as a 'deus ex machina'!

A match percentage between two people is a condensed, yet statistically valid, expression of how well they might get along.

75% is very high, 45% is very low, and 60.2% is the site-wide average.

But, you may ask, how to know if the Moon is void of course?

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Click the link(s) below for a free downloadable pdf-document so that you can see when the Moon is void of course.Astrological sign has no effect whatsoever on how compatible two people are.We’re showing you this table, as dull as it is, because the uniformity neatly illustrates how beefy our data set is.Try to get as much information about your date as possible.There are numerous online services on which you can check the background of your target.However, understand that relationships (in a wide sense and especially love unions) are never the ultimate goal in life, nor the ultimate purpose of life.All relationships are just a means or a tool to develop your own Self further and further towards perfection. Online dating is one of these methods where you actually don't see each other and still are able to know some of the most important personal interests before you actually meet. What are the chances that these unintelligible abbreviations will ever attract someone that you might call your soulmate? And how to find a buddy when you just don't like dancing, overwhelming noise, etc...?There are 144 pools considered above, and they all match the mean plus or minus 0.5%.Our next table again aggregates the preferences of those 500,000 random users, but it shows stronger feelings.This is not raising your chances of meeting someone at all! The largest dating services claim to have a database of some millions of members.On our Online Dating Services page we discuss and delineate the corporation chart of the most important Online Matchmaking Services so that you can take a look at how successful the Dating Service is from an astrological point of view.

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