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Already we’ve got Obama, the hipster’s Kennedy, hoping that his coke and marijuana days, ‘yes I inhaled, that was kind of the point,” reaches young voters who are at this minute doping, uploading, and bemoaning Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.

On the flip side, we might in the near future have a bevy of candidates too boring and prurient to have considered posting a lewd joke, who’s pals never hired them a hooker, and to whom 'going down' means a drop in the polls.

Teacher, parents, government, higher level education institution, and even company which we will work later, needs to know how much knowledge advance occurs through certain exam.

Examination also can assist student to learn more diligent.

If its result less satisfying, what can be done by student -assisted with teacher- to improve the learning process, and to obtain better score in future.

Not destroying the happiness of learning by telling 'You Failed', and become a permanent mark that will remembered by the student for their lifetime.

From Buffoon to Bureaucrat, looking back to the My Space years.

High school Model United Nations students and college poly-sci majors scurrying importantly to and fro their Capital Hill internships, will retreat to their dorms this weekend to upload pics of themselves naked, lock-jawed faces rigid with ecstasy, you tubing what will next Monday seem like subversively funny sketch comedy but may in twenty years ruin their run for public office. One might imagine that as less and less is private, the standards of propriety we hold for our public officials will have to come down.Isn't it true that, in Indonesia, to step into higher level education, student must through another entrance exam again?According to the philosophy of education that prevailing in our society for many years, most important purpose of school exam is to know, or to measure how far the efficacy rate of learning process.Improvement for our learning quality related to overall education system -hardware, software, and brain ware.Such best teachers which guiding student, inviting student to learn how 'the way of learning' far better, creating learning environment without stress and fear from failure, and also realize an adequate infrastructure.Therefore, as points out by Professor Gardner above, assessment system need to be directly integrated into everyday school activities, not merely execute at the end of school year.And our education quality is not determined by national final exam alone, but from how far student can learn with their optimal capacities.Examination really needs to simply to mapping the result of learning.And through this map, we can develop a sustainable improvement in all regions at our country, both for student and also for our education system.Join us at Darvish Restaurant on New Years Eve, with great persian food you are sure to love, come celebrate with us. We have a New Years Party menu with specials on our best sellers.

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