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Are you intimidating to men quiz

These are traditionally considered masculine traits, but I don’t like to categorize them as such.It’s evident that we, women possess those, just as men possess the right-side brain skills.

You didn’t feel that he loved you in the way you needed to be loved perhaps.

If you can relate to any of these questions, you are not alone. You may feel very competent when it comes to career or academia, but when someone mentions romantic relationships you want to run for the hills.

Did you ever get a sense that men are intimidated by smart women?

Or, maybe you found a man that’s equally intellectual as you are, and you are a good fit, but somehow you feel you are missing something.

My ecologist friend, in his "Darwinian" mindset, jokingly exclaimed: "Oh wow, she's presenting!

" You don't have to emulate an Animal Planet mating documentary to get a guy to approach you when you're out, but body language is important.Sometimes the situation lends itself to an approach: there's something extraordinary to talk about, or we just bump into each other. If you want guys to approach you, are you making it easy on them — are you "available"?Some girls might want the guy to "work" as part of the approach, but for every one of you who makes it tough for a guy to approach, there are women who make it easier to approach that a guy might go for instead.This doesn’t mean that deep down you don’t yearn for a deep romantic connection.It’s just not an area of life where you feel the most competent as you do in other aspects. The situation is a little complicated, but one way to look at it is by looking at the skills that smart women needed to rely on.But when she finally gets up she walks too fast, or takes "bodyguards" (tons of friends) with her.Bottom line, some women just don't give that opening physically for the approach.Here are a few things women do that prevent guys from approaching them: INTIMIDATION If she's super-hot, sometimes I assume I have no chance or I'm just plain intimidated. This, by the way, is the best reason for your ego why guys aren't approaching: "I'm just so hot I'm intimidating." UNATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE One night, we were out and a girl intermittently stood up on the seat of her booth and did stripper-type dances. It's tough to approach a whirling dervish and no one could take her seriously.And sometimes the "too drunk" girl gets approached by guys who are interested in one thing only.In order to make this clear, here is some information about left and right side differences.These skills served us to help survive in the male-dominated world, where analytical skills were valued more than emotional connectivity or creativity.

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