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He was by himself in the control room in Zurich on the night of the tragedy when he gave only 44 seconds' warning to the passenger jet on which the family was flying that it was too close to a cargo aircraft.Kaloyev found Nielsen in his garden and plunged a 14cm knife into his stomach before fleeing the scene.

He was adamant it was the fault of aviation expert Peter Nielsen, who was working alone when the tragedy occurred.

Grieving Kaloyev spent two years searching for answers and when he thought he had exhausted every option, he tracked down Nielsen and stabbed him to death in his back garden.

The heartbreaking story is being played out in a new film called Aftermath which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Kaloyev.

Vitaly Kaloyev (left), who has since been released from a Swiss prison, stands at a monument for Beslan siege victims upon his return to Vladikavkaz in 2007 where he turned the family home into a shrine (right)Following the tragic crash, which claimed the lives of 71 people, Kaloyev spiraled into a pit of depression, refusing to shave and constantly wore black.

He was arrested at Zurich airport and charged with murder.

Now, former California Governor Schwarzenegger will act out the tale in a Hollywood movie, but Kaloyev said filmmakers had neither contacted nor consulted him while filming the story of his life.

Kaloyev was asked if he sensed any negative vibes while he was waiting in the airport in Barcelona, to which he said: 'When you’re about to see your family a long time, you don’t expect anything bad to happen. 'I believe neither in bad presages nor in signs from above. After all that happened, I am at odds with God.'Despite being at odds with God, he said he has no issue with the law, and said he had no regrets about killing Nielsen.

'Killing him didn’t make me feel any better,' Kaloyev told the paper.'Apart from the prosecutor in court, no one has.

He was building a house in Spain and was about to head to the airport to wait for Bashkarian Airlines Flight 2973 from Moscow to arrive. It was flying over Germany when it collided with DHL flight 611 which was on its way to Belgium from Italy with a cabin full of cargo.

With their paths about to cross, air traffic control was telling the pilots one thing, the pilots of each plane were saying another and the automated Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) on board Flight 2973 was also giving different directions.

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