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Are reggie bush and kim kardashian still dating

The engagement ring cost million, the wedding band cost 0,000, it was a million wedding and they received million.

That is something I think Kourtney and Khloe realize and that is why you don’t see them as much.

They are in stable real relationships and aren’t after the fame like Kim and don’t allow Kris Jenner to have full control of their lives.

Then of course is their reality TV shows that is more of a commercial for them to endorse every product they “believe in”.

Oh and she gets $15,000 to tweet and just received $1million for making an appearance in Dubai. When there are no headlines they make them, when no one is talking about them – which is rarely because they don’t believe in irrelevance and any press is good for them – they create rumors.

Now suddenly the confirmed reports of how much they made from the wedding isn’t true, just a few days ago she was happy and in love now and out smiling with her husband, now she is playing the role of a sad divorcee.

Every picture you see of her in now she is posing with sad faces.

Who else would turn their daughter’s sex tape and turn her into a super star.

Any other mother would hide in shame and embarrassment but she has said .

She knows how to twist the media; she takes the negative things they say and twirls it so make the public think it’s all wrong.

When things were really quiet with Kim all of a sudden there were reports that she was emotionally and physically abused by her ex-husband, who he denied and after the interview she gave to the magazine she refused to talk about it.

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