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When the other ten girls finally arrive at the door, a male bouncer bars them from entry.We watch, out of earshot, as confused and agitated expressions emerge on their faces indicating something foul was brewing. Pretend you’re leaving, split up, and then come back.” By now the Jersey girls are arguing with the bouncer. He is convinced they are troublemakers and adamantly announces “None of you are getting in.” This is where we cut our losses and leave right? The allure of pulsating electronic beats, flashing lights and curiosity pull Britt and I deeper and deeper into the club.Before long we’re chatting up a random Greek guy and he’s buying our drinks.

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So, the young Greek’s friend, an employee at the club, agrees to plead their case to the bouncer, as two of the girls manage to sneak in unnoticed.

After a brief exchange with king bouncer, employee Greek informs us that they don’t let prostitutes into the club. He explained “a group of Black women, unaccompanied by men, attempting to gain access to the hottest club in Dubai is a huge red flag.” There’s nothing he can do.

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