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So this is why I welcome dialogue as a first step; rather than campaigns, let’s have a dialogue in our society and especially with families.

Let’s speak about sexuality not only homosexuality.

It took long term psychotherapy to work through this, and I still carry scars. I just kept on thinking, this is going to end one day, I am going to have my dream of finding a boyfriend, sharing a life with him and a cat.

Video and voice calling allows people to call over the internet rather than phone networks, avoiding the expense that can often come with calling outside of the country or for extended times.

Internet calling over Whats App and Viber were already blocked.

It threatened that any other app that fails to comply with those regulations will also be banned.

““Appropriate action will be taken against applications or services that do not comply with the regulations,” a spokesman at the commission told Arab News.

The pain and hurt was so intense that I felt like committing suicide.

I don’t know how I survived high school; carrying that ‘dirty’ secret felt so heavy, so painful, and I almost lost hope.Abdullah’s story I just want parents to hear how their kids feel, how I felt and couldn’t be heard because I didn’t dare to speak out. I remember vividly being called ‘daga’, I don’t know an equivalent offensive term in English, it’s like someone who is very submissive, flamboyant and being taking advantage of. In our biology class we had all pictures of pregnant women cut off, and at grade 6/8, I can’t exactly recall, they one day suddenly separated the girls and boys. Years later I learned that they had a special lesson about what it means to have a period.I felt ashamed inside, like I have a dirty secret, so I felt I had to hide, or answer back: ‘Ha! So we traded insults and I felt compelled by shame and guilt to act like a macho man who bragged about dating girls, etc. We just didn’t have a clue about sex or sexuality, basic biology, not even from the internet because all the sites were blocked.Many kids and adolescent youths are being traumatised for life right now, like I was, and like many adults that continue to be.Campaigns were launched, for example, the recent one against the Boyat [“masculine”-appearing women], telling us how girls should behave and that anything else is sick and abnormal and needs to be treated and cured by hormones and or ‘psychology’.Saudi Arabia, which had already blocked features of most chat apps, has moved to block Facebook Messenger.The app’s video and voice chat functions, along with similar service imo, now can’t be used in the country because of “regulations”.Beneath it all I started believing I was mentally sick, that I had an illness.I even had a crush on a guy but that made me feel disgusted, guilty and ashamed of what I felt.The Independent's bitcoin group on Facebook is the best place to follow the latest discussions and developments in cryptocurrency.Join here for the latest on how people are making money – and how they're losing it.

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