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Girls, this is a not-so-serious question that we’re still dying to know the answer to: how do you really feel about giving a blow job? We saw this discussion going on in our message boards (our boards are seriously so much fun! So, what do you really think about giving a dude oral sex?Are you a fan of it, or do you think it’s degrading?

Check out what these ladies had to say and then fill us in on your thoughts in the comments.She said if the only way I I could get it up is with her grand daughter then so be it. We all proceeded to have a good time that night and I had sex with a 72 year old one breasted grandmother And her hottie 21yo granddaughter. Stop embarrassing the rest of us that have some sense and some dignity. Preying on young men like withered up old's disgusting. lol While going threw a breakup i had hot sex with a 19 yr old. Either shut up about it or if you MUST brag, just admit that you made a car payment or his rent or something. Don’t do something that isn’t pleasurable for you just to please a guy – that’s not how a healthy sexual relationship works. function(e)([function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n){"use strict";t.__es Module=! 0;var r=n(134),o=function(e)(r);t.default=function(),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),,,function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n){"use strict";function r(e)function o(e)var a=n(13),i=n(39),s=(n(9),n(189), Object.Own Property),u=n(190),l=,c=function(e,t,n,r,o,a,i);c.create Element=function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t),function(e,t),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n){"use strict";t.__es Module=!So feel free to begin a discussion, pose a question, offer your feedback, and start connecting with other local singles right now!Yes I have a few times,but the one I have now is a hand full he is the most careing guy I have ever been with and drives me wild, I want him everyday. I was 18 and my buddies were giving me big shit about it cause I was on there chatting with this older woman and plus she had no picture to top it off. After a couple weeks of talking to her I had her convinced that she needed to try a younger man. She asks her mom who I am and she tells her I sell insurance lol. Had lots of fun with older women but that was my first!I had one before him and if they were all like that one I would have said no way don't go with younger guy'this one is more of a man sexually than any man twice his age. I drive to her house and and I knock on her door nervous as hell cause no clue what this woman us gonna look like. Her daughter goes back to her room and the woman says we need to get this on my husband will b home soon. She takes me out back of her house there's a garage made into an apartment. Yes I have a few times,but the one I have now is a hand full he is the most careing guy I have ever been with and drives me wild, I want him everyday. My boner immediately left the bldg and I explained to her that I had never been with an older woman before and didn't think I could. What happened next blew my mind and I swear to God is real. She made he granddaughter come in there and join us. If you're over 30 and a younger man lays down with you, you pay for it. They don't take care of you, you take care of them, and no one believes your weak fantasy horsesh**. The bad thing is i can remember every lil detail except his name.

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