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Aol hangs at updating locations

The biggest problems I've been having is with Bing, Microsoft's own search engine.I've actually been in touch with Bing regarding some issues I've had with the Bing Bar (which I uninstalled altogether last year), but this is quite different of a problem with IE.– by brian osbornei work at a call center doing tech support for aol, and it's ridiculous just how prematurely this software was released.

But, here's what happened when I actually visited the URL itself moments later: The page locked up altogether.i pushed my parents to use service providers like aol and msn simply because they provided a simplified, it lessened the chance of my getting a phone call asking for help.Up until recently, I had just been putting up with this, but this has become such an annoying and frequent issue that I've finally joined the Microsoft Community to voice this to anyone that needs to know.Up until about two years ago, I used Internet Explorer for everything -- email, sweepstakes, web searches, videos and pictures, and so's nice if they throw in free oil changes, but if you are paying for a mercedes and getting a lada there is an essential…since aol is adware, spyware, and generally malware, will it block itself? i would just rather talk to them about more important stuff then why their computer isn't working.On average, as soon as you break the plane on the second row of video search results, the crash happens. You would expect less trouble all-around when it comes to Bing, but IE is loaded with problematic freezes and crashes in the last couple of years.And of course, as soon as the tab closes and reopens... If you have far more than that in a video search, you are pretty much S. And I basically put up with it until now, but I've had enough.I have a Desktop that was compatible with a Windows 10 upgrade, and the Microsoft Edge browser, while needing a little bit of work, doesn't have the same reflexive issues with freezing and crashing on certain pages.Before this, my biggest issue with IE for a couple years ago was the sudden vanishing of the History and Favorites tabs from the drop-down menu in the Address Bar (which I may inquire about later), but the crashing issue needs to be dealt with soon, as it is long overdue for some kind of tangible fix.

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