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The nervous young woman in the TV ad is poised to oblige. The soft-core ads in magazines like YM and Mademoiselle featured slim, white, mostly blond pubescent models in various stages of undress, their hands in their jean pockets or hooked over the waistband to enable them to pull the jeans down even lower.

The sexpert persona came, in part, from the desires of young women for sexual freedom and equality, to enjoy sex without condemnation, and to have their sexuality seen as healthy and normal.

But this is America, where there is little that can’t be repackaged and sold back to us for a profit. Some young women wanted sexual equity with men: that’s a claim for equal power.

Missy Elliot fans have somehow only just realised that that garbled in Work It is in fact actual words, and it has Twitter in a frenzy.

The single was released in 2002 and since then people have just sung the gibberish bit exactly as it sounds.

Even Honey G sang it exactly like that when she performed it on X Factor.

But, my friends, the real words were right under our noses all along.The reality, of course, was different: this liberation came at a price.In exchange for this freedom—indeed, because of this freedom—young women were supposed to dress like call girls and had to start learning how to do this at an ever younger age.So the media began to highlight this message: it’s through sex and sexual display that women really have the power to get what they want.And because the true path to power comes from being an object of desire, girls and women should now actively choose—even celebrate and embrace—being sex objects.In yet another, the leering voice urges a young man with a blond pompadour to tear off his shirt, saying, “You got a real nice look. The TV ads described above and showcased on MTV made people especially crazed because they looked like D-level stag films from the 1960s.(Inquiring minds can see the ads on You Tube.) Outrage roiled from the conservative American Family Association and the Catholic League to women heading rape crisis centers, as critics ventured that maybe this pedophilia marketing strategy was a bit too debased, even for American advertising.The best way to gain this kind of power is to cater to what men want.And you’re not acquiescing to men or to patriarchal sexual requirements: by submitting, you’re in the driver’s seat!As a result, a new female icon began to take center stage: the sexpert. The sexpert knows a lot about sex, is comfortable with sex, initiates and enjoys sex on an equal footing with men, and talks a lot about sex with her girlfriends.The fantasy was that because of feminism and girl power, there was a new “sex positive” environment for women, and the double standard had been completely eliminated.

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