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Career prospects are often limited – a situation that has become more acute since the start of the recession in 2008.

The impact is clear: organisations risk losing their best people if they cannot provide adequate career opportunities.

Because consumers are using these mediums to communicate in their personal lives, it is inevitable that they now expect to be able to conduct their business interactions in the same way.

In both instances, call centres run the risk of their agents losing enthusiasm and becoming demoralised, which in turn can lead to absenteeism and ultimately attrition.

Research from Dimension Data shows that the volume of call centres planning to up-skill their agents increases year on year.

As Ben Dale-Gough, site operations manager at insurance contact centre operator Domestic & General (D&G) puts it: “With a variety of different vendors and products, contact centre agents can be working with more than ten different software systems.

Each application is designed to perform a specific task such as data capture or outbound dialling, [and] with many in use at once, the job [becomes] far more complicated.

Alex Coxon is a freelance journalist and a former editor of both Call Centre Helper and Call Centre Focus.

Next week Alex Coxon investigates some possible solutions to these problems.

Agents often find it tricky to tackle the maze of different systems which has detrimental effects on their work.” The way we communicate has changed massively over the past 20 years.

Today, consumers don’t just use the phone or white mail to get their message across; they make themselves heard through email, text and infinite social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Over extended periods of time, absenteeism can impact on staff morale and may even foster similar behaviour in those left to ‘carry the can’.

High staff turnover can, as outlined in the introduction to this article, negatively impact on call centre quality because every time a trained agent leaves, fewer are on hand to ensure an optimum level of service.

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