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“OWASP Mobile Top 10 Prevention” section of the document categorizes different attacks or security threats that engineers mu WASPst focus on while engineering mobile applications.Prevention techniques are discussed in generic form, and there are sections that discuss mobile platform specific prevention techniques.

For example, the "Cryptographic Algorithms" section discusses general recommendations on selecting cryptographic algorithms, and sections such as "Security Related HTTP Headers" and "Securing Cookies", summarize prevention techniques used across preventing multiple attacks."Tooling Recommendations for Secure Coding" section brings together all the documentations relevant to security related tooling used within WSO2, and recommendations relevant to usage of such tools in the engineering process.Formatting for "example incorrect usage": User input is the API description.When processing dynamic query segments that cannot be set as Prepared Statement parameters (table names, column names, ordering information, offset details), validate user input against a whitelist.This approach avoids the risk of providing end user the ability to append anything uncontrolled to the SQL query.If such mechanism is not present in transport implementation, a central filter should be used to read all the headers and do the necessary sanitization before passing the response to transport.Sample filter implementation is available in WSO2 Carbon 4.4.x branch If any transport implementation or component that generates HTTP responses directly require usage of a custom written filter that does the "carriage return" and "line feed" (CRLF) filtering, the logic performing filtering should be reviewed and approved by Platform Security Team.Restructure the methods so that the application does not accept table names, column names, ordering information, offset details or any other value that cannot be parameterized using language specific best practices. The statement will be compiled and the user variables will be assigned to the query parameters in the runtime.Since user variables are being set to a precompiled SQL statement, this approach avoids possibility of SQL injections.When an HTTP request contains unexpected CR (carriage return, also given by or \r) and LF (line feed, also given by or \n) characters, the server may respond with an output stream that is interpreted as two different HTTP responses (instead of one).An attacker can control the second response and mount attacks such as cross-site scripting and cache poisoning attacks that performs necessary filtering.

Comments Android no validating documentbuilder implementation available