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Once you have the app, you just need to login to your Facebook account and you'll be able to access all the app's features.Create group chats by adding your friends to the same conversation and adding a group name and photo to personalised your groups and give them character.As well as instantly calling, texting, or emailing someone on a mobile device, video chatting is increasingly used to stay in touch.

While Skype to Skype calls is always free, users can also call landlines and mobiles at a nominal rate, either with a monthly subscription or by the minute.

Skype also offers integration with Microsoft and Facebook.

That’s why we’ve whittled some of the best video calling apps.

These are well-known and reputable apps that all offer an easy way to communicate via video calling.

We can’t really begin our selection with anything other than Skype that was developed way back in 2003 and dominated the field for many years.

Although this app is not without the odd glitch, it’s still one of the very best options for video chat.

The massively popular app offers a whole slew of features with free instant message chat, voice, and video calls to anyone else using Skype.

The new group calling features means you can add up to 25 people to a group call or up to 300 in a group chat, and further features include the ability to add emoticons, photos, and location to your chat.

There are plenty of services available around, but we are looking for some very Best Video Conferencing Apps.

The world is becoming smaller these days, mainly due to the ease of communication compared to days gone by.

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