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An error occurred updating the password database

For more information about data source configuration and configuring report server connection information, see This is a generic error that occurs when the report server cannot open a connection to an external data source that provides data to a report.This error appears with a second error message that indicates the underlying cause.

To work through these issues, do the following: This error is returned by ADOMD. There are several reasons why this error can occur.

If you specified the server as "localhost", try specifying the server name instead.

In most cases, this error occurs because the SQL Server service is stopped.

Or, if you are using SQL Server Express with Advanced Services or a named instance, this error will occur if the report server URL or connection string for the report server database is not correct.

This error can also occur if memory cannot be allocated to the new connection.

For more information, see Knowledge Base Article 912017.

(provider: SQL Server Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified)." To resolve this error, reset the password.

This error indicates a data source connection error.

To work around this error, consider using stored credentials or prompted credentials.

For more information about how to work around this issue, see This error is returned by the instance of the Database Engine that hosts the report server database.

Comments An error occurred updating the password database