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Like a cat, Priscilla Davis curls her feet up under her celebrated body as she settles into her white velvet couch.

And you know that if you could throw her high in the air, Priscilla would land on her feet.

Here Cullen began to cultivate an interest in athletics that led to a number of ribbons for his sailing skills and a reputation as an expert skier.

Cullen fared little better in these glint-eyed, barside sessions: one recurring tidbit was that “this isn’t the first time he’s ever worn a woman’s wig.” The town split into camps.

Cullen Davis, 42, unnerved by his estranged wife Priscilla’s victory in domestic court earlier in the day, arrived at his former mansion-residence carrying or wearing a crude disguise.

The state believes that Cullen Davis met his 12-year-old stepdaughter Andrea near the front door and took her to a small room in the basement where he shot her to death.

The nose is slightly hawk-like and the rest of the face is smallish, or seems that way because it’s set on good shoulders. He looks, in fact, more like a pool hustler than a business tycoon. He is an intense gamesman in all things; opponents describe him as the type who enjoys winning more than the game itself, the kind who has no use for team sports where the blunders of another can spell defeat.

Says one associate, “I know Cullen, and he doesn’t like to lose.” In the business arena, Cullen flashed the same competitive edge.

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