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Alabama interracial dating

While their own families were very accepting of their marriage, Hueytown's Roy and Crystal Moore said that church has been one of the harder places to feel welcomed.

“My current husband had a friend verbally attack me because she did not agree with us being together.” Additionally, Daniel said that these situations do not hinder her ability to love her partner.

“One positive thing is getting to be in situations that you are not used to because they are not part of your culture,” Daniel said.

However, some couples may experience societal backlash based on whom they would like to love and marry.

Alabama was the last state to overturn the legalization of interracial marriages.

They lovingly support those who are in interracial relationships. Vicki Cater, pastor at Steele United Methodist Church and Walnut Grove United Methodist Church, her denomination doesn't have an "official" stance on the issue.

She said that Article 5 of the United Methodist Book of Discipline, however, is very clear that people should not be viewed differently because of the color of their skin.

"Sometimes we may still get mean looks from older people, but most don't really say anything," he said.

"We just block out anyone who doesn't accept it." Cater said that she has seen attitudes shift in the church during her lifetime.

Markita Daniel, a current UA student who majors in telecommunication and film, said that she is now married but has been in other previous interracial relationships where she received some unfavorable comments on her and her spouse’s choice to date.

“One difficulty has been seeing my partner realize that they had friends that did not agree with our relationship and being hurt by it,” Daniel said.

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