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Against online dating services

In 2006 there were a total of 2,525 complaints to the Better Business Bureau in the area of Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington. The complaints in the article where broken down into the following groups: This is a sharp increase in complaints, especially since dating services have been established since well before 2005. I think it has a lot to do with the rise of niche dating sites.These types of sites are a lot smaller than the popular dating services and tend to be run on a shoe string budget.The key here is to see if the complaints of the company where resolved to the satisfaction of the BBB.

This is a very, very, very small number of complaints.

Some people think it's impossible to meet a decent person online, while others swear by online dating services and will never go back to a singles bar again. Here are ten common complaints about online dating services, and the ways to work around them.

Ten Things Women Don't Know About Men and Sex Ten Things to Know About Writing Your Online Profile Ten Things to Know About Selecting Photos For Your Online Profile Ten Complaints About Online Dating Services Be creative when writing to somebody.

So in a way, this article makes it seem that there are a large number of complaints against dating sites by just comparing the number of complaints with last year and not taking the total number of complaints and the actual number of singles using dating services.

So what do my numbers not take into account (you are probably asking yourself)?

Comments Against online dating services