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COGS features times of prayer, Bible study, just relaxed hanging out and also plans and runs events and activities throughout the year.

It meets in a variety of church member's homes and is coordinated by Clare Harris.

We begin with a simple pattern of prayer we use each time, have a meal together, have a creative and fun prayer or learning activity and have a time when the children can play outside or watch a DVD and the adults can talk together.

This group is coordinated by Anthony and Amanda Clarke.

Monday Nights: We began as a group of individuals with a desire to get to grips with the Bible by reading it through in a year.

That was two years ago and whilst some of us still haven’t quite finished the original project, we’ve also looked at 6 Steps to Reading the Bible, God’s promises and the book of Daniel. Monday Lunchtime inter-church: Meets weekly during term time for in-depth Bible study, lunch, prayer and fellowship.

Our little group has grown and we've had a lot of fun and enjoyed being challenged as we've worked through these studies and have all grown deeper and more secure in our faith as a result. Ladies from any church congregation or background are welcome.

This group shares life with all its joys and challenges and seeks to grow a faith that sustains, protects and leads at home, work and in the family.

All-Age Discipleship 2: Due to the success of group 1 and much demand we multiplied our all-age groups about 6 months ago.

Group 2 meets every 3 weeks on Sunday lunch times and follows a similar pattern to that described above.

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