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We need and clearly want commercial establishments or the government to restrict our choices or to make our choices for us.That is quite clear from the abject commercial failure of all these stores and systems providing us ever greater choices.

[Just blog comment post speculation– something about advertising-based consumer information crowding out independents due to a improper accounting of external costs of advertising.] The Tyranny of Choice Haven’t you noticed that traffic jams are a thing of the past? I’ve also noticed how almost no one subscribes to cable TV or Satellite Dish systems anymore either. Haven’t you also notice how no one wears sneakers anymore?

We find a toothpaste that suits us and stick to it. Maybe so, but competition across firms should limit such mark-ups.

And if the mark-up gets too high, people will cope.

Bob Doyle Re: cherries Eating seasonal is important both for health and for good cuisine.

Look to the traditional, folk-derived cookbooks — people didn’t eat meat every day or cherries in winter even in XIX, and still got by! So choice hurts our wallets (if you believe my post).” I think you’re confusing two different things.

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