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"Of course sweetie, I wouldn't miss it," the sultry redhead said. They've got a big thing planned I'm afraid." "Oh great," Janie sighed. I could smell delicious beef roast coming from the kitchen. Shelley could cook an old shoe and make it into a masterpiece. He already had a glass of scotch for me and a glass of white wine for Janie. He continued, "The Roy well is one hell of a big beast. Your granddad never talked about it, but your grandma said he whipped old Bob pretty good. " "Are you coming over tonight Roxanne," Janie asked. I think we were lucky to find him." "That's great to hear, son. It's just been us for so long." I nodded in agreement. Lo and behold he finds Bob Maddox, fresh out of the Army Quartermasters sitting on the front porch trying to talk to your grandma.

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Don't stop." I moved my left hand to her wet center and began to slowly finger her. With her lying face down on top of me, it was a great position to stimulate her internally as I continued to lick her. However, the sensation of being with her again was too much. She was wearing a red dress I hadn't seen before with tan nylons and some sexy new black heels. I called the airport and checked." "We had a little snack." I said with a wink. You two had enough time for the whole meal." Janie and I both just smiled. Tom has done a good job managing our money over the years. I honestly never really knew." "Son, that's your Daddy's doing. I mean you knew your folks had a big house and all, but he was never one to flaunt it in front of anyone. "Come on in to my study Roxie, I got something for you." Rick called. "Come on, I bet Shelley has dinner about ready." We all walked into the kitchen, where Shelley was putting the finishing touches on dinner.

"Well, here are two handsome men." Roxanne said when the door opened. There's only one handsome man standing here and it ain't me." Rick laughed. I looked down at her and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

He wasn't sure how you were gonna take it." "Yeah." I nodded. "I'm betting that's our Roxie." Rick and I rose to answer the door. When we were finished, she walked over to me and put her arms around me.

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